4 Essential Tools for Beginners, or Returning Beginners

So you enjoyed cannabis when you were younger and in your “Party Days” but when you got a real job and maybe a family, that all went by the wayside. Now with legalization and everyone talking about cannabis and CBD, you are excited to to see what all the buzz is about. The problem is, that you went to the local headshop and were instantly bombarded with options. A wall filled with bongs, large and small. A display case at the cash register filled with vaporizers, pipes, and papers and you suddenly realize that the industry and the culture have changed as much as your 1988 Bag Phone. Yes, people still roll joints, blunts, and spliffs, and they still carry and smoke pipes, in both glass and metal, but the industry has advanced so far, that your options are endless and shouldn’t be hindered by your 20 or 30 year old knowledge base.

In this article, we’ll discuss the four pieces of equipment that I find invaluable and that have never made me feel like I was missing out. Sure, you can have a package of papers handy for rolling a couple of roadies, but if you really want to emerge from the dark ages and enjoy all that cannabis has to offer, than you will need at least these 4 to get started.

Small Acrylic Bong: Some people will disagree with this one because they have something against plastic but if you have a hot tub, a pool, or a bathroom with a tile floor, you need a nice acrylic bong. They are light, durable, and very easy to travel with, not to mention, worry free when having a relaxing session near hard surfaces. A beautiful piece of glass is great to have (See Item Below) but sometimes they don’t survive in a suitcase or being dropped on a pool deck. Look for something in the 12″ range, so you have room for ice. Acrylic doesn’t hold its temperature very well.

Large Glass Bong: This is your showpiece and because it’s glass, it won’t suffer from the supposed taste transfer of acrylic. Years ago, people used to hide these in their closet or a drawer, so one could see it. These days, there are so many great custom glass blowers that the standard beaker bottom bongs, however useful, are making way for elaborately crafted, colourful masterpieces. Again, make sure that you have room to throw some ice in the mouth tube, to add extra cooling to your session. You can buy aftermarket cleaners to help you keep the gunk out, but rubbing alcohol and table salt do a great job.

Dry Herb Vaporizer: I know it’s daunting to think about but if you ask the folks at the store which vape they sell the most of, they will be pretty straight with you. Pax, Divinci, and APX all make great dry herb vaporizers. The Pax3 is also available as a full kit that will cover you for dry herb, as well as concentrates (Item Listed Below), so weigh your options when shopping. Vaporizers are very easy to pack and vape, so there is really no excuse to shy away from the technology. It really does make things very easy, and virtually odourless.

Concentrate Vaporizer: You have a couple of options when it comes to concentrates. If you bought your Pax3 Dry Herb unit as the $300+ package, you will already have this category looked after,, as the higher priced option comes with a concentrates oven as well as a few extra goodies. If you didn’t, you will need to decide how involved you want to get. If you are comfortable adding a nail and a dome to your glass bong and you don’t mind using a torch, by all means, go that direction. I personally have opted for a completely separate vape for waxes and dabs. It heats up in five seconds, produces loads of vapour and fits in your palm better than your bale of car keys. Concentrate vaporizers are very, very easy to use and most only need you to clean the mouthpiece, as the coils self clean every time you burn them.

When you go to the store and start to price these items out, it will quickly become apparent that this is not an “all at once” proposition. I would start with the acrylic bong first and work my way up from there. A good one, with an aluminum bowl, will cost you about $20.00. Use it for a while and make mental notes about what you like and what you don’t before moving up to a glass bong. The vaporizers are something that you can get to later on, when you are ready to make your experience easier and just “Pack and Go”.

It’s a brave new world and these few tools should help you to experience all that it has to offer with the least expense and headaches.

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