Retail CBD Buyers Guide

In a previous article, I went through the points that new companies, or even existing companies, should follow when purchasing Wholesale CBD products safely. I mentioned in that article, that the steps and things to look for when buying retail products, would be very similar. It’s true, they are but unfortunately, there are a few added things that need to be scrutinized when buying off-the-shelf. If you missed that article and I lose you somewhere along the way, please feel free to go back and read it, before continuing here.

So, at this point, I am going to assume that you have an idea of the product that you are looking for (Full Spectrum CBD Oil, Broad Spectrum CBD Oil, CBD Isolate, in Tinctureor powder, or topical salve, cream, or lotion) so we are going to just go into what to look for when you are buying, to stay safe.

Batch Specific Third Party Testing: As mentioned in the Wholesale guide, this is likely one of the most important things to consider. Be critical too. Just because “The Number One” brand posts a bunch of their results on their site, doesn’t mean much, if all the results are from the same batch and done 5 months ago. If they really are the “Number One” they will have sold out of that batch a month our two ago. Some companies advertise Batch Specific testing but don’t post any on their site. This doesn’t mean they are lying, it just means that they don’t know what batch, you the consumer, are buying. When buying from an extractor/producer, check their label for a QR code or Batch number and call or email the company for results but don’t just assume they don’t have any. Also, make sure that you cut your boutique maker some slack. Smaller makers of end user products are going to have less sophisticated records keeping setups. If they are not an extractor, they get their bulk CBD from somewhere, so don’t be afraid to ask them who supplies them and if you can read their suppliers Certificate Of Analysis . (COA)

Nano Particle Delivery System: This point is absolutely crucial. You don’t want to spend the money that some companies are asking for their products and find out latter that the 30mg dose of tincture you purchased, really only has 7 or 8mg of usable CBD in it because everything else is lost to denaturation. If you haven’t read my other articles, denaturation is what happens to most medications and foods that you ingest. Your bodies fluids mix with the medicine, in this case CBD Oil and begin to break them down through processes like digestion. By the time you are finished, only about 15-25% of the CBD actually reaches your system. This processed can’t be stopped, but it can be improved by choosing a different delivery system. The problem is that even getting non-nano particulate CBD close to the blood stream still only nets you 55-65% of the products potency. The only way to get 100% assimilation from non-nano particulate CBD, is to inject it directly into the blood stream. With the number of good companies offering Nano Particle and Nano emulsified CBD, why would anyone want to inject it, or waste 85% of their money on non-bioavailable CBD when it’s 100% bioavailable right from the start.

Proper Delivery System: We need to think back to one of my previous articles when I talked about delivery systems. If you are trying to treat muscle and joint pain, you could use Full Spectrum CBD Tincture, but you would likely be better off using a topical cream, salve, or stick. Sublingual application is the absolute best way to get CBD into your blood stream, so whether you are using Full Spectrum tincture or CBD isolate tincture, putting your dose under your tongue and letting it sit there to soak in, is absolutely the way to go. It doesn’t matter if the CBD you are taking if 100% bioavailable nano particle delivery or not, as soon as you swallow it, in capsule or tablet form, and it needs to be digested, you are going to lose some of the dose to denaturation. Topicals are the best delivery system for eczema, psoriasis, and joint and muscle pain, so again, know what you are treating and buy the delivery system that will work best for that.

Bashers: I will need to explain this a bit. When the CBD market was farmers and producers who were processing CBD oil, it was very much about who’s CBD was the best. Who used organically grown Cannabis, who used the purest oils and MCT as suspension agents, and who took the most pride in selling the absolute best product possible. People used to say, “hey, buy my CBD products because we have third party testing and produce in an ISO7 laboratory, etc” Consumers felt safe knowing that the CBD they were getting was actually pure and free from pesticides and heavy metals. Since the advent of MLM Companies and people buying substandard CBD Oil to make their products cheaply, the market has quickly changed to “hey, don’t buy that persons products because they use X, or it has Y in it” “don’t worry about our testing and our formulations, because those guys over there are the real problem” “Don’t buy CBD made from industrial hemp, don’t buy CBD from Canada or Europe” and so on and so on. Here’s a great rule. If the person you are buying your CBD products from, has nothing to say about their own product and LOTS to say about everyone else’s, RUN away. Don’t walk, run! If they instead say, “my products are Nano Particle delivery, 100% bioavailable, 100% organic, non GMO, produced in a certified ISO7 or lab, AND we have recent Certificates of Authenticity to prove it”, stick around because those are the people you want to buy from.

Redundant Sellers: One final word about the industry and marketing to end this article. Full Spectrum CBD Oil, Broad Spectrum CBD Oil, CBD Isolate in tincture and powder from, and topical creams and salves made from those products, should be all you need. Sports drinks, energy drinks, and anti-aging creams, etc. with added ingredients are nice and certainly can add to your full CBD treatment but if you visit someone’s website and they have a separate CBD product for every ailment under the sun AND they suggest you need them all, you are dealing with someone who is just looking for your money. CBD is CBD, Full Spectrum CBD Oil has all the cannabinoids of the hemp plant, including THC, that you should need. There is no CBD strain specifically for weight loss, or one specifically for hair growth, or one specifically for anti-aging. If you use it Cannabidiol properly, and choose the right delivery system, CBD can help with all of these things without the need for 50 separate products.

As the industry grows, there will be more things to watch for, like counterfeiting, forged COA’s, importing product to meet demands, so find a company you like and if the products are working and you have fine tuned your dose, stay where you are. As mentioned in the Wholesale buyers guide, all Vitality, KushE and Pacific Spirit CBD products, meet or exceed the above mentioned requirements. If they didn’t, we wouldn’t sell them.

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