Understanding CBD Products

A decade ago, when my wife and I started to have children, it became apparent that my wife was going to have a hard time producing breast milk. Our Family Doctor and our Midwife, without any hesitation, handed my wife and I a list of “herbs” and supplements that she could take, to help solve the problem. The top herbs on the list were Blesssed Thistle, Fenugreek, and Stinging Nettles. We couldn’t believe the number of things that were suggested and were even more astonished that, not only did pharmacists and health food store staff know where to find these things, they knew exactly what we were trying to treat with them. It is interesting to note, that there are only a handful of actual, clinical studies on the effectiveness of herbs for the stimulation and induction of breast milk production and the real drive behind these remedies comes mainly from “word of mouth” and actual results.

Recently, my wife and I started to use a CBD topical for muscle and joint pain. When we started to talk to people about it, the reviews were mixed. Some people become very intrigued and ask very intelligent questions, possibly in their own search for help. Others instantly give us the “CBD is just a holistic remedy and a fad. It will go away” comment. The one I like the very best is “there isn’t enough studies or proof for me to believe in it yet”

The problem is perception! In the above scenarios, one of the products that I am talking about, has hundreds, if not thousands, of clinical studies, published papers, and literally millions of patient testimonials. The other has a handful of Published Papers and likely the same amount of testimonials. One product is produced in ISO 7 Certified Laboratories, using USDA standards and, in most cases, third party testing for potency. The other is listed by the USDA as an herbal remedy and therefore has very few standards for production, potency, or even content. However, in both cases, the products have been proven to work.

So which is which? Well, the product that mothers ingest, to boost the production of breast milk, that will eventually end up in the bloodstream of babies, is the product that seems to have the least testing and standards, while the other is CBD.  CBD has an entire system of receptors inside your body that it interacts with (ECS) and when made buy reputable and certified lab, has the potential to remedy so many ailments and elieviate so many symptoms but as soon as you say Canniba-anything, the conversation instantly changes. Why is that? I will be writing an article explaining my thoughts on that in further detail, in the future, but as a preview, just understand that in 2018 the Cannabis industry spent 1.7 Million Dollars on lobbying Government in the US. Big Pharma spent $270 Million! I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.

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