Wholesale CBD Oil Buyers Guide for Canada

I have entitled this article “A Common Sense Guide to Buying Wholesale CBD Products” but it should really include Retail CBD, as the steps are really interchangeable. However, there are a few new things to look out for in the retail market, so we will discuss thoughts in our next article.

With the huge boom in CBD sales and a paralleled boom in companies trying to enter the market, the internet is flooded with articles on “What Not To Buy”, “How Not To Get Screwed”, and “Don’t Buy From People Like This” guides. Sure, they likely get lots of hits but every site has points they feel are more important to stay away from and most sites are pushing an agenda by telling you to steer clear of one thing or another. This creates all sorts of confusion and at the end of the day, leads people down the same path anyway. Very much like asking a group of people at a bar “hey, how many people are drinking tonight?” it might be easier to ask “hey, who’s NOT drinking tonight?” Besides, you are looking to purchase wholesale CBD with the purpose of opening an business and really, who needs more confusion when you are dealing with Laws, licensing, Name incorporation or registration, and building a website? Would it not be easier to have someone just tell you what you should look for and move on?

In that vein, let’s talk about the things that should be the most important to Wholesale buyers.

Certificate of Analysis(COA): This is so important, I should have an entire article about it, because it really in the one point that underlies the whole process. People tell you to beware of this and beware of that and at the end of the day, if the product you are buying comes with a batch specific third party lab test/Certificate of Analysis that’s perfect. Some companies are going further and will give you the growers COA, when the Biomass arrived and the COA based on the amount of CBD that was extracted. In this case, the product would be triple verified. It won’t be worth more because of that, it will just give you three layers of security to fall back on.

Supercritical CO2 Extraction: This is a bit of a no-brainer. Supercritical CO2 extraction is currently the safest and most effective form of extraction developed to date. It seems counterintuitive in 2019 to tell people that this is the way to go but there are producers that are still using solvents to extract CBD. That leads us to our next point.

Extractor: Now that the CBD industry is booming, the market will fill up with third parties and counterfeit products. They will buy large quantities of stock when the market is good and hold it until it’s not. Basically, if the person you are buying your wholesale CBD from is not a grower/extractor or an extractor with proof of where his biomass was sourced, then they are really only there to make money. Buy your CBD from an extraction company directly and you should have no issues at all. Most of the better extraction companies sell wholesale, so you should have no trouble with this one.

GMO Free, 100% Organic: Again, this one is a no-brainer. There are so many good extractors, producing GMO Free, 100% Organic products, what is the sense in settling for less. Get products that allow you to enhance your brand with as many tags as possible.

Nano Particle/emulsion 100% Bioavailable: This one is very important because you are competing in a market where some extractors will have this technology and some won’t. That means that if you find one and start with them, you are already miles ahead of the companies who don’t offer Nano particle CBD. You do not want to start at a deficit before your company even gets rollling, so insist on the best.

Logistics: Find an extractor that is in a favourable logistic location to yours. Try not to ship across borders, it will only add unwanted delays and headaches. If you are in North America, this should be easy, as there are great extraction companies on both sides of the border and region of Biomass production shouldn’t matter, as long as you have access to the Batch third party testing results. There used to be a myth that Canadian and European Hemp Biomass should be avoided, but Canada has been growing Legal Medicinal Cannabis for almost 18 years, so I am pretty sure they have their act together.

In conclusion, as mentioned above, try to get as many tags for your products as possible, the extra money spent there will pay off in the amount you can in turns sell your products for.

-Batch third party tested COA, Supercritical CO2 Extracted, GMO Free, 100% Organic, Nano Particle, 100% Bioavailable CBD products are easy to find, so make that your ultimate goal. Beware of third parties counterfeits, and just use your common sense and you’ll be fine! Quality CBD bulk wholesale products from Vitality are a great way to go, as they meet or exceed the above mentioned parameters. They also offer retail packaged products for your spa or store front but offer all their retail packaging as White Label, that you can put your own name on and start a line of CBD products branded in your companies name.

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